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Peter Stein is a multi-discipline artist who loves drawing, designing, and making books for kids.

On any given day he may be moving from a six-foot tall graphite drawing to a mid century modern-inspired abstract piece to the manuscript or art for a children’s book.

His large-scale figurative drawings are centered on themes of empathy, our inner life, and the human condition. Fascinated by the interplay of light and shadow, Peter works to capture the instant when movement and meaning fuse to create a moment that expresses universal subjects.

Peter’s abstract work stems from his lifelong love of doodling and evolved over years into a form of self-expression that provides the perfect balance to his more meticulous graphite drawing style.

He has illustrated two of his eight children’s books and loves connecting with kids over fun stories – both his and theirs.

Peter’s work has been exhibited locally as well as the de Young Museum in San Francisco. He lives with his family and their large dog in Northern California.

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